Sending and receiving emails is very important for people today, whose work is all depended on it. Emails are the best way to communicate and being a dependent email used when you find send/receive an error in Outlook, it may irritate you. For the regular users, it is advisable to know about the root causes of harmful errors like Outlook Send Receive error in Microsoft Outlook.

Outlook Send Receive Error

Outlook Send Receive Error

This strategy in the future will always save you, and you won’t need to wait for the engineer to come and solve the issue. You will be able to prevent the entire email communication network as well as the machine. Now you must be thinking how outlook send receive email error occurred, right? Well, there can be any reason, maybe some connectivity issue, low internet speed, or sometimes this also happens when you make changes in your computer. These changes also impact on other applications like email, PC update, and a firewall.

However, the support for entire things of Microsoft products is available at on Microsoft technical center, but most of the users are unaware of it. After having outlook send/receive error when you become unable to do anything, this makes you impatient. But instead of reacting negatively on it, try to fix and find the cause of the problem.

So, consider the predefined steps for fixing Outlook send receive error performance by following the below guidance.

How do users get send to receive an error in outlook email?

Let us discuss and see what are the live scenarios where users usually face send/receive problems in their email.

Email versions:

MS Outlook: 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Outlook Express: 4.0, 5.0, 5.01, 5.5 and 6.0

The reason behind the error in the email system:

There are few possible factors that influence your outlook email to report Send/Receive error such as error attack, bad synchronization, and Outlook data file error or unknown bug attack.

Troubleshoot the Outlook Send Receive Error with below easy techniques:

As there can be more than one reason for Outlook to send/receive an error, there are also multiple methods to solve this issue. You can troubleshoot the issues like Outlook send to receive an error, connection time out, protocol adjustment, and also damage in Outlook PST file.

At times a situation comes when an error occurs due to known reasons. Most of the Outlook users have also reported the Outlook support department that their email is facing bad experience because of some unknown error.

How to fix Outlook error? What is the right path to correct the send or receive Outlook error? Well, to get back the lost connection and performance of your Outlook email service, it is advised to take resolution methods from beginning to end to rectify the error from the root.

Take a note on error solving steps:

Before you ask steps to fix the issue we would like suggests you ensure the following first:

Check 1: First, you need to check your internet connectivity, as the poor performance of Outlook may occur due to this.

It is the primary analysis before you move forward. To ensure good connectivity of the internet, open any search engine that you use and go through a website to check.

Check 2: Remove bad settings from your Outlook email account.

Check 3: Remove Suspicious Email. Sometimes we receive malicious code in the inbox by untrustworthy senders. So we should delete these kinds of emails.

Check4: Avoid conflict with Antivirus Software. Sometime when antivirus software gets a new update it creates a barrier for the incoming and outgoing server. Because of this as well your Outlook can show send or receive an error.

Check 5: Check your email profile in MS Outlook. Sometimes a corrupt email profile also becomes the root cause for underlying errors. So it is advised to users to check to carefully.

  1. Create a new email account.
  2. Make your new outlook profile
  3. Set your newly created profile as default Outlook profile.

Check 6:  Start your Outlook email application in safe mode by following the below steps.

  1. Click on the Start button or Windows button, if using Windows 10.
  2. In search box enter, type exe/safe, and press Enter.

If you receive an error message of corrupt Outlook profile then go with the next step.

Check 7: You use ScanPST.exe to re-build the damaged Outlook database file.

Check 8: Check the status of DBX files in Outlook Express. When facing problems in Send/Receive error in Outlook then check database file corresponding to each folder.

  • Inbox.dbx
  • Sent items.dbx
  • Folder.dbx

Conclusion: All the above points are covering each and every concern related to email application which can develop Outlook send/receive or other problems in Outlook Express. If Outlook still doesn’t respond to your commands, you need a prominent software to solve this issue or you can talk to the Outlook Customer Service.