While printing sometimes an error message “alignment failed” displays on your computer screen. Such an issue printer ink fails to line up properly on the printed page can be caused when your printer is out of alignment. You can align your Hewlett-Packard printer simply by aligning your ink cartridges, resetting the printer, or using a different type of paper. Despite of doing all these on your own to remove this particular issue, you can also obtain HP Printer Support from our tech-savvy person. They are highly expert and have much experienced in dealing with the printer related issues.

Hp Support

Hp Support

3-Different Ways To Align Your HP Printer

Take a brief look at the below points as we have mentioned the deferent possible ways to make your printed page in align.

1. Aligning Ink Cartridges

• First and foremost you have to power-on your HP printer
• Now, load a small stack of plain white paper into the printer’s input tray
• Locate the application by clicking on the “Start” menu, followed by “Programs” , followed by “HP”
• On the HP Solution Center page, click on the “Settings” button and then tap on “Print Settings”
• After that hit on “Printer Toolbox”
• Now, click on “Align the Print Cartridges”
• At the end, click on “Align” and follow the on-screen instructions and then properly align the cartridges

2. Resetting The Printer

• Power-on your HP printer first
• Disconnect the power cord while keeping the printer powered on
• Now, unplug the printer’s power cord from the electrical outlet
• Wait for a few seconds and then again plug the power cord back into the electrical outlet
• Reconnect the power cord
• To switch-on your HP printer, you have to press “Power” button
• Now, print a page to verify that your HP printer is now properly aligned

3. Using The Correct Type of Paper

• Remove the entire paper from your input tray
• Make sure the paper is cleaned and unused
• Paper should be A4 size
• Now, return that plain paper into the input tray
• Touch the right arrow and then select “Setup” from your printer’s control panel
• After that select “Tools”
• And then select “Align Printer”
• Now, your printer will print an alignment test page
Once you go through the above information, you can print your document in proper alignment. But in case you got stuck at some point while using the above methods on your own, then try to make immediately connection with our deft engineers. They will assist you in a hassle-free way.


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